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The Backstory

Tabitha and Abigail had a modest upbringing as twin sisters to teacher parents.
They had a very working class life, not always getting what they wanted but never suffering for what they needed.
Tabitha (or Tabby as Abigail affectionately refers to her) always had bigger dreams for herself though and wanted more, more, more. So already at the age of 17 she would date older, richer men trying to attain that rich lifestyle she’d always dreamt of.
She went from man to man, marrying a few of them and climbing her way up the socialite ladder as she received inheritance after inheritance from her deceased husbands.
She met Jeremiah at a charity ball where he caught her attention by making the highest bid on a boat in the blind auction.
Jeremiah made his money after an incredibly successful career as a criminal. Having a brother in the force has only helped him in his success.
Jeremiah is the only one with whom she ever had kids (or so he thinks).
As it turns out, their eldest daughter Lake, was actually conceived after a steamy affair with Tabitha’s masseuse Frederico. Thankfully Lake is the spitting image of her mother so no one has ever suspected a thing.
Lake is a rebellious teen, hating her mother’s old fashioned ways and man-eating reputation. She is looking to take over her father’s criminal business when she finishes school.
Their younger son, Forest is a creative soul.
Having found a passion in painting, Forest is the black sheep of the family and takes more after his auntie than any other member of his immediate family, having no interest in materialistic possessions or superficial desires.
He has a unique fashion sense and casts aside traditional gender roles.
Jeremiah’s brother, Silvio works for the police force and has worked his way up to being in a high ranking position, allowing him to steer his colleagues away from any suspicions about his brother’s criminal business.
Whilst his job in the police force is not exceptionally well paid, he cannot feasibly receive a decent cut of the illegal business without suspicion so he  lives with the rest of the family in the mansion.
Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, he has been eyeing up Tabitha to be his own and has been making subtle advances to her behind his brother’s back.
The family also has a pomeranian called Boomer who is Tabitha’s prized possession and favourite child.
Tabitha and Abigail’s parents died recently and left the two of them a modest inheritance.
Whilst the money didn’t mean much to Tabitha, for Abigail it was a chance to buy herself a house to call her own.
Abigail is Tabitha’s twin sister and whilst the two of them definitely look the part, they couldn’t be more different.
Abby is a kind, gentle, hippy-like soul and has made it her mission to do whatever she can to save the planet.
She has little desire for material possessions and has never wanted for much, simply living within her means and living for her like-minded friends and her cat, Meatball.



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Crime Boss

Jeremiah was a bullfrog. That is, he was part of the Bullfrogs basketball team at his high school.
After a bad injury meant he could no longer play basketball and his dreams of become a professional ended, 
Jeremiah left school early and tried to live an "honest" life, working as a mechanic's apprentice.
He was caught possessing drugs whilst at a friend's house party and received jail time when the judge wanted to make an example of him.
In prison, he fell in with a bad crowd and began his life of crime.
Jeremiah has done very well for himself in this line of business, mostly due to having a brother on the force making sure he never gets caught.

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Tabitha is one half of the Jones twins - her sister Abigail being the other.

Tabitha's childhood was a modest one. Both of her parents were teachers so whilst the family did alright financially, there wasn't much room for the luxuries Tabitha so desired.

Unlike her sister, Tabitha started dating at a young age, always dating older boys and eventually older men with money.

Finally she had the life she had always desired - fancy dinner parties, ladies lunches and a new man every few years.

Whilst she never had any intention of having kids - dogs being more her thing - she became pregnant after an affair with her masseuse Frederico.

To ensure she didn't lose her life of luxury and got a reputation, she quickly changed her tune with her husband Jeremiah and made him think the baby was his.

She was glad they had the money to afford help so she never really had to deal with them.

In recent years, her life has felt a little stale, the whole kid situation feeling like a massive wet blanket. She is ready to inject some spice back into her life now.

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Abigail is the other half of the Jones twins and could not be any more different from her sister Tabitha.
Where her sister has always yearned to possess things and men, Abigail never wished for excess, but instead felt content in what she had and what she could create herself with her hands and the things around her.
She works hard to conserve the planet and convince others to do the same and feels sorry for her sister and her constant need for more.
Abby has not settled down yet and is not sure if she ever truly will, being a free spirit who loves to love freely.
She describes herself to be pansexual, not being tied down to loving specific genders but loving individual people regardless of their gender.
Whilst she wishes her relationship with her sister was a little better, she has found family in her like-minded friends and is in close contact with Tabitha's son Forest who feels like a son to her.

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Daddy's Little Teen Rebel

Lake is a teenage fashion queen, having inherited the confidence from both of her parents and a life of getting what she wants when she wants it.
She dislikes her mother's old fashioned ways (and style) and is definitely a daddy's girl, wanting to take over his criminal empire when the time comes.
She has no idea that Jeremiah is not in fact her father but that it's actually her mother's masseuse Frederico.
Whilst Lake could have a huge circle of friends, she sticks to a chosen few, finding a lot of kids her age to be boring and childish.

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Artistic Soul

Forest is the youngest of the Montegue-Barow children and the only one that is totally legitimate, and yet, somehow, he doesn't feel like he belongs.
Unlike the rest of his immediate family, Forest has no desires for riches and material possessions but has instead found his voice as a budding artist.
He is a sensitive soul and has more in common with his aunt Abigail than any of his household.
Whilst he doesn't share the same beliefs or outlook on life, he has inherited his confidence and eye for fashion.
Forest casts aside gender roles and will happily wear clothing that other kids his age will consider "girly".
He has a close bond with Abigail who is more supportive and understands him better than his mother Tabitha ever could.

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Inside Man

Silvio is Jeremiah's only brother and the two are very close, despite a significant age gap of almost 10 years.
The two grew up in a poorer household and had to work hard for everything they got.
Silvio has always looked up to his older brother and Jeremiah has used this to his advantage throughout their lives, even pushing for his brother to go into the police force so he could have an inside man.
On the behest of his brother, Silvio has spent years working his way through the ranks (and even bribing some people along the way) to the point where he has become a massive asset to this brother's criminal empire.
Because his police salary is modest, the only way he can benefit from the criminal riches is to live with his brother and his family in their huge mansion.
He has fallen for his brother's wife Tabitha and has been working on seducing her behind his brother's back.



The Favourite Child

Boomer is a prize winning pomeranian and Tabitha's favourite child.
She is a lazy, spoilt dog who doesn't do much and yelps all the time, but looks incredibly cute in a dress.



Best Friend

Meatball is a rescue cat and has been Abigail's best friend for a number of years.
Whilst he spends most of his time out and about on his own, he always seems to return when Abigail needs him the most, offering support, friendship and the best cuddles around.



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